THE DIGEL gives you the "Aha!" about your life purpose; THE DIGEL provides you many "Aha! Moments" throughout your life journey too. 

THE DIGEL is a term created by Dr. Lonnie Hudspeth. It stands for 'the divine intelligence governing everyday life', the title of his new book, The Divine Intelligence Governing Everyday Life: Your Guide To Becoming Your Better And More Successful Self.  


This book shows you how to find the "It" you're searching for. 

 After reading this book delighted readers said:

"Hi Lonnie. I am well into chapter 17 of your book. I just wanted you to know I loved every minute. Truthfully, I am sorry I'm almost finished. I gave one of the books to my friend. She told me she cried after reading the first chapter." Rita H., West Mifflin, PA

"Thank God for Lonnie Hudspeth!"  Eva, Pittsburgh, PA

"I love this book!"  Tonjia C., St. Thomas, Virgin Islands

"Lonnie Hudspeth's teachings about The DIGEL have helped me grow as a person and find many answers I've sought."  Ralph H., Ann Arbor, Michigan

Congratulations Lonnie! Your book is 'unputdownable'. I'm enjoying reading it.” Colleen W. Miami, FL

”People need this book!"  Louis T., St. Thomas, Virgin Islands



The book is now available for purchase on www.amazon.com. Click the highlighted link or click the book cover below:



Excerpt from The Divine Intelligence Governing Everyday Life:

"Most people don't seem to recognize that their daily life experiences and relationships are their teachers, gurus, shamans, and higher intelligence guides."

Truth #1 - Discovering Your Life Purpose

Wisdom For The Heart

Gandhi's Seven Sins:

  • Wealth without work

  • Pleasure without conscience

  • Knowledge without character

  • Commerce without morality

  • Science without humanity

  • Worship without sacrifice

  • Politics without principle


Walk The Talk - Newsletter Archive

Let’s Visualize a Greater World into Being! By Lonnie Hudspeth, Ph.D.

My quote below expresses my vision of a world we can co-create. This vision compelled me to write a book about the DIGEL. If we share and hold this vision in our collective intention, we will realize it. Let’s restore peace to our world. We can do this!

Imagine how different our world would be if we appreciated everyone in our lives. Envision a world where we equally value the people we like and don’t like. Imagine a world where we see everyone in our lives as a messenger.

What if we no longer saw people as objects to be consumed or rejected?

Instead, what if we saw people as divine messengers? This shared viewpoint would change the nature and quality of our relationships. Such a world could establish peace on earth. That world would reduce, and maybe eliminate, most of the conflict, harm, and hurt we see today.

Today, too many people scorn others because of who they appear to be (or not be). Too many people don’t connect to others because they perceive them to be different. They see these people not representing what they believe. Too many people harm others whom they judge to represent what’s wrong.

We could learn to see our conflicts with others from a different perspective. We could learn the deeper meaning of the disturbances that others trigger in us.

Conflict with another person is really about you— not him or her. When someone triggers a conflict within you, a higher intelligence brought that person into your life to do just that. That person knows nothing about this but was used as a medium by this higher intelligence.

Your conflict with him or her points to a lesson you need to discover and learn about yourself.

When humanity understands this fundamental truth, life will be splendid for all. Such persons triggering the disturbance will be appreciated as divine messengers, not evil victimizers.


To further explore each Truth, click on it. You'll read more about it and also enter a discussion forum. Your own interpretations and comments are welcome.  These Seven Truths are discussed in the book, The Divine Intelligence Governing Everyday Life.

TRUTH #1 - Your life has a purpose

TRUTH #2 - You must learn key lessons to fulfill your life's purpose

TRUTH #3 - Divine Intelligence, a.k.a., The DIGEL, guides you to learn your key lessons

TRUTH #4 - Others will mirror your key lessons to you

TRUTH #5 - Automatically your body tells you when someone is mirroring a lesson to you

TRUTH #6 - Learning a key lesson is your choice but each choice has consequences

TRUTH #7 - Your lessons will stalk you until learned


By Lonnie J Hudspeth

Truth #4 - The Mirror Of Relationships

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